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callme is a electronic pop girls trio. No, they're not the next Perfume. Musically, they're different. And they're a force to be reckoned with because they produce actually great music. Their music ranges from bubblegum pop (Can not change nothing) to electro jazz (Sing along) to electro art pop groove (In my dream).

Formed on December 30th, 2014 under Avex, this trio isn't your average girls' unit. With coordinated performances and self-produced music, the three all contribute to the group. RUUNA is the leader, KOUMI creates the dances, and MIMORI is charge of the music. All are from Miyagi prefecture and as of 2016, only 19 years old! That's amazing talent for such a young age.

Let me tell you all about their second album, This is callme. It's a fantastic, solid album full of hidden electropop gems. You want Perfume but with less auto tune, more piano jazz riffs without sacrificing any electronic goodness? Listen to callme. You'll expect good ol' jpop but get so much more. A beautiful and strong addition to the jpop community.

Their second album coupled with singles "Can not change nothing" and "Confession". This is callme is the  answer to their first album, Who is callme?. I'm equally interested in how their third album will be titled.

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