Little Spot on the Internet - Sept '16 Playlist

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"A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world." - John le Carre
For the past two years, MKNB has been my little spot in the internet. This changed when I decided to take a step outside this little circle. My main reasoning for joining an online news site was to challenge myself. As much fun as it's been, it's really been quite the challenge. Writing for such a large audience, using a different writing style, researching about various topics, keeping up to date with the latest news, communicating with the community....I've been learning so many things! I worry and mess up sometimes...but you live and you learn!

Sometimes to cheer myself up, all I need is a catchy pop song. It helps if it's one with dancing lamas....

  1. daydream by Aimer
  1. (I'm) Home by Fullkawa Honpo

  1. In My Head by GROWN KIDS
  2. Bright Stars by GROWN KIDS ft Aimer 
  3. happiness ~ shiwase no oto ~ by HaKU
  4. Stay With Me by give me wallets
  5. Color Variation by Ketsumeishi
  6. Haru no by Fullkawa Honpo ft. Otsubo Kana of Spangle call Lilli line
  7. Storywriter by Fullkawa Honpo
  8. 2 Jikan no Vacance by Utada Hikaru ft Shiina Ringo
  9. For You by Dan Phillipson
  10. Imagine Anything by Dan Phillipson
  11. Galaxy by THIS IS JAPAN 
  12. Memories by Petit Biscuit 
  13. Night and Day by Kafuka
  14. Taking Off by One Ok Rock
  15. Synchronize by Leo Imai